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Pour. Mix. Slather. It’s all good.

Try Orchid Liqueur simple: on the rocks.
Mix it into your favorite tini: Mangotini, Passion-tini…
With vodka, or rum, or champagne.
Bartenders love a new toy, and this is it. A mixologists dream.

Re-imagine the cocktail.

But the fun doesn’t stop there.

Take Orchid into the kitchen … See what chefs are discovering.
As a glaze, in a puree, as a secret ingredient. The power of the fruit can take the common, and make it spectacular. Over sorbet, under lamb … what are you waiting for?

Explore the possibilities.


Five fruits from around the world, blended into the most tantalizing, astonishing, quixotic liqueur you’ve ever allowed onto your tongue.

(Quixotic? Yep, that’s what we said … and we’re stickin’ to it.)

Orchid is different than all other fruit liqueurs … We actually use fruit. Lots of it.

Think of your favorite thing in the whole wide world…

And then add Orchid.

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